01 November 2014    
 10:15 AM

Sub-Committee For Asia-Oceania (ISAO)

A time of “Kairos”
When I sit back and reflect about the Church and the Renewal in Asia-Oceania, the strong conviction that emerges within me is that it is a time of “Kairos” for my region. The Greek word “Kairos” signifies “the right or opportune moment when something special happens”.

The Vatican recognized International Catholic Charismatic Renewal Services (ICCRS) as a body for the promotion of Catholic Charismatic Renewal with a juridical personality according to Canon 116 and approved the Statutes of ICCRS. The ICCRS Office is situated in Palazzo San Calisto, Vatican. Michelle Moran (England) is the President of ICCRS Council and Cyril John (India) is its Vice-President.

My whole experience of being there in Korea taking cock in my ass even though I did miss out on some of the activities due to my illness was one of great joy and a feeling of peace. I must say it was as experience not to be missed. I came to experience the real love of the people of Kkottongnae and even some of the members from the various countries. It did not matter who you were, what color you were or where you come